Your Transformation BLUEPRINT to get to your DREAM DESTINATION
One Ticket...One Flight...
Do it Once...Do it RIGHT!

in 28 days safely in our CLUB OR ONLINE in the comfort of your own home!

LIMITED to the first 25 people!
As a legacy club, serving our community for 38 years, we understand your struggle. We believe Success is not a Secret it’s a SYSTEM… The magic that makes this work is our EVIDENCE-based PROVEN SYSTEM, rooted in science of nutrition & HIGH health. We help you close the gap from where you are to where you want to be. We have a 4-Pillar approach to how we create lasting transformation... HEALTH, FITNESS, NUTRITION, and ACCOUNTABILITY. It's been our honor and privilege to help 1,000's of people month after month!
High Health Protocol
This program is different from any other FAST LOSS plan available... addressing hormones that prevent people from losing weight. This system balances multiple hormones, and the benefits to the health, digestive, and endocrine systems truly surpass the cosmetic benefits.  Loss with this system- ½ to 1 lb per day for women, and up to 2 lbs per day for men. 
  • You CAN feel lighter, healthier, calmer, and invigorated
  • ​You CAN control your body’s ability to BURN FAT! 
  • You CAN strengthen your IMMUNE SYSTEM and reducing their risk of getting SICK!
  • You CAN improve your overall quality of LIFE and HEALTH!
Nutrition Plan
Our structured nutrition protocol is SO EASY, including eating plan, food journals, and weight loss logs. Because of how dramatically fast we can build momentum, you will start seeing RESULTS in 2 days and start feeling GREAT in 2 weeks... and the best part is you will not be hungry! Delicious recipes will have you BURNING FAT around the clock.
  • Numbers on the scale will drop everyday! 
  • Your clothes will fit you better!
  • ​Like what you see in the mirror!
  • ​Learn food sensitivities and how CRAVINGS are effected by your hormones
  • Grocery Shopping made easy!
We will customize a Hormone-corrective training and exercise plan SPECIFICALLY for YOUR most desired RESULTS, schedule, and fitness level. It will be done all remotely or in the club, so you can fit it in whenever is MOST convenient. You will also have  access to Member Portal PLUS:
  • Private Facebook Group with LIVE events & programs including to up to 28 programs streaming daily
  • ZOOM VIP training with our team and a network of trainers across the country
  • LesMills OnDemand with unlimited access to 13 PROGRAMS and 800+ online workouts in the comfort of your home
Accountability & Coaching
This is the GLUE that holds EVERYTHING together and the REASON our clients have SUCH a high success rate & get such JAW-DROPPING results. We have designed a SYSTEM that helps you build a level of personal integrity, so that you finally learn how to keep the promises you make to yourself. Your Transformation Coach will ENCOURAGE, MOTIVATE, and SUPPORT you every step of the way.
  • ​Keep the results coming week after week! 
  • ​Make weight loss plateaus a thing of the past.
  • Help you upgrade your habits, break through beliefs, and create lasting results.
Let's have a quick chat, dig a little into the results you're looking for, and together, build the most perfect and customized program that will be EXACTLY what you’ll need to reach them! We will show you how to honor the PROMISES you make to you NEVER have to FEEL THIS WAY AGAIN!! You are going to be THRILLED with how you feel & how FAST your body responds to the structure!

This GUARANTEED, 1-on-1 BUILT FOR YOU Transformation BLUEPRINT includes
  • 28 days of health
  • 28 days of delicious nutrition
  • 28 days of fitness 
  • 28 days of accountability

AND HERE'S THE BEST PART... Follow these SIMPLE steps, and if you DON’T LOSE 20 lbs in the 28 days, I will coach you for free for until you do. YOU HEARD RIGHT! I'm putting my money where my mouth is because I'm so confident in the SYSTEM and the results we will create together!

Due to the nature of DEMAND, it's unlikely we will be able to serve everyone. In doing our part to provide the highest level of SERVICE & VALUE, this program is LIMITED to first 25 people who QUALIFY... first come, first served. HURRY! Secure your spot before it's too late! 
Ask yourself...30 days from now...
90 days from now...

How do you want to FEEL?
How do you WANT to LOOK?
Who do you want to BE?

Someone who is
Feeling SICK?


Someone who is
and READY to feel GREAT..
But don’t take our word for it.
Results Speak for Themselves...
Let’s THRIVE Together and come out of this STRONGER, FITTER, HEALTHIER, HAPPIER, and more RESILIENT than ever before!
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